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Sea Horse Charters - Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Fishin' Report

2014 Boating Accidents


According to a report compiled and published by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission in the spring of 2015, there were 130 boating accidents statewide during 2014...

Fish Recipes


Lake Normanís fish are not only fun to catch, but are mouthwatering when prepared properly. The recipes below are favorites submitted by friends and clients over the years. All are easy to prepare and delicious when served with fries, slaw and hushpuppies...

Time to Go Fishing


Spring has finally arrived and itís time to go FISHING! Get the dust off your rods and reels, the rust off your hooks, and make a few practice casts on the lawn...

Great April Fishing on Lake Norman


The best times to catch bedding bass are during the new and full moons in April and May. Those not bedding, the pre and post spawn fish will be holding in pocket openings, near shallow points and on the shady side of boat docks...
Archived Fishin' Report 2011+
Archived Fishin' Reports (2003-2010)
Featured Products
Laminated Lake Norman Map
Laminated Lake Norman Map
Gift Card - $ 50.00
Gift Card - $ 50.00
Oval Wooden Desktop Map of Lake Norman
Oval Wooden Desktop Map of Lake Norman
Kid's Birthday Fishing Parties
Kid's Birthday Fishing Parties
Gift Card - $200.00
Gift Card - $200.00