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Sea Horse Charters - Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Fishin' Report

Rock Reefs


Earlier this year, two new rock reefs were created when tons of rocks were dumped into Lake Norman. One is located at the mouth of Little Creek, and the other is positioned in a deep cove north of Creek Channel Marker D1..

Spring Tips


Springís arrival, a little late this year, has fish almost jumping in the boat! What a difference a few days of sunshine and eighty degree air temperatures make. Not only do south winds warm the lake and make fish active, but fishermen also become more energetic...

April Forecast


When it comes to change, fish, like people, donít always like it. The best example is weather. Quick changes in temperature and wind direction keep fish from feeding for a couple of days...

Broken Fishing Rods


If you're like most fishermen, you've broken a fishing rod or two over the years. Itís a traumatic experience to break one, particularly if it was passed down from a family member or had a history of catching big fish...
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Lake Norman Monster Souvenir 1-1/2" Metal Key Chain
Lake Norman Monster Souvenir 1-1/2" Metal Key Chain
Choose from <b>23 AREA LAKES</b> - Waterproof Lake Maps
Choose from 23 AREA LAKES - Waterproof Lake Maps
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Gift Card - $ 50.00
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Gift Card - $200.00
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Redi-Rig In-Line Releaser