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Sea Horse Charters - Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Fishin' Report

Channel Markers Are Great Fishing Spots


Don't know where to fish? Try casting around any of Lake Norman's channel, shoal and rock markers.

Spring Crappie Fishing


The Crappies Are Biting, So It Must be Spring! Crappies are the first fish to move to the shallows each spring. Their spawning migration is anxiously anticipated by both adults and children...

Melting Pot - How Lake Norman's Fish Population Has Changed


Lake Norman has been a melting pot for non-native species of fish since its beginnings in the early 1960ís. By 1970, striped bass, Arkansas blue catfish and white bass had been introduced. The white and striped bass were stocked...



Fishing Pox Epidemic Hits Lake Norman!
Archived Fishin' Report 2011+
Archived Fishin' Reports (2003-2010)
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Choose from <b>23 AREA LAKES</b> - Waterproof Lake Maps
Choose from 23 AREA LAKES - Waterproof Lake Maps
Gift Card - $ 10.00
Gift Card - $ 10.00
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Gift Card - $ 75.00
Wooden Map of Lake Norman, NC
Wooden Map of Lake Norman, NC
Lake Norman Waterproof Map
Lake Norman Waterproof Map