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Sea Horse Charters - Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Fishin' Report

2013 Boating Accidents


According to a report compiled and published by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission in May 2014, there were 143 boating accidents statewide during 2013...

No Wake


On Lake Norman it is unlawful to operate a vessel greater than no-wake speed within 50 yards of a vessel launching area, bridge, dock, pier, marina, vessel storage structure, or vessel service area...

Find the Bait


Most bass fishermen have heard the expression, "Find the bait, and the bass will be close by." When Lake Norman anglers think of bait, they think of the large schools of shad and herring that roam its waters...

Off the Beaten Path


Have you ever wondered why some anglers catch big bass month after month, while others seldom hook even one?
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Archived Fishin' Reports (2003-2010)
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Fishin' Ruler
Fishin' Ruler
Lake Norman Monster Children's Story Book
Lake Norman Monster Children's Story Book
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Book a Trip
Lake Norman, NC Engraved Boat Paddle
Lake Norman, NC Engraved Boat Paddle
Mini Planer Board
Mini Planer Board