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Sea Horse Charters - Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Fishin' Report

Hybrid Striped Bass Stocking


The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission stocked 162,500 hybrid striped fingerings in Lake Norman on June 22, 2015. This is the third year hybrid striped bass instead of striped bass have been stocked...

Night Fishing


July brings sunny days, higher water temperatures and lots of pleasure boats to Lake Norman. Such conditions influence fish to move to deeper water during the day where itís not only cooler, but the environment is less stressful...



It felt like a cool day in March when we boarded a float plane in Winnipeg, Canada earlier this month for a week of fishing on One Man's Lake in Western Ontario...

Summer Cat Fishing


There are times during the summer when the lake water gets so warm that fish stop biting. Catfish, however, are the exception...
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Archived Fishin' Reports (2003-2010)
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Water Bugz Planer Boards - Hologram
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Redi-Rig In-Line Releaser
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Fishing with Capt. Gus! Embroidered Hat
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Lake Norman, NC Engraved Boat Paddle