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Sea Horse Charters - Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys
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Fishin' Report

Boating Safety Classes - Spring Boating Safety Classes


In North Carolina, anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 who wishes to operate a vessel powered by 10 or greater horsepower on public waterways, unless otherwise in compliance, must take a Boater Safety Class instituted by the NCWRC...

Topwater Lures


What are they biting? Thatís a question bass fishermen ask over and over again. Due to Lake Normanís diverse habitat and water conditions, the list of productive lures is lengthy...

Deep Water White Perch


While most Lake Norman anglers will target bass, hybrids and stripers this month, a few will fill their coolers with white perch that weigh up to a pound...

Winter Birds of Lake Norman


Even the casual observer will notice the tens of thousands of sea birds that take up residence on Lake Norman every fall. Terns and gulls begin arriving in November and return to their nesting sites in April...
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Archived Fishin' Reports (2003-2010)
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Gift Card - $100.00
Gift Card - $100.00
Wooden Map of Lake Norman, NC
Wooden Map of Lake Norman, NC
Lake Norman, NC Engraved Boat Paddle
Lake Norman, NC Engraved Boat Paddle
Lake Norman Monster Souvenir Coloring Book
Lake Norman Monster Souvenir Coloring Book
Gift Card - $ 75.00
Gift Card - $ 75.00